Thursday, December 10, 2015

Pizza lovin'

I mentioned pizza in my last post but here I am about to talk about pizza again. It is, after all, my favourite food.
I recently finished work for the day, Sam is on his way over for one or two nights and I just ordered some pizza and pasta from Crust (my all time fave pizza delivery place). Sam also promised that I could choose a christmas movie for us to watch on Netflix, so if this all isn't "fredagsmys" (Friday coziness would be the best translation I can think of for that), then I don't know what is.

Tomorrow morning Sam and I are going to go to my favourite cafe, Fika in Manly and I am hoping to finish off my christmas shopping before I have to work in the afternoon.
Next week I am only working three days and I have some plans throughout the week, so hopefully I will have some more time to blog then too. But for now, I am going to crack open a cider and watch some TV while I wait for Sam.


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