Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Early christmas

It's eight days away from Swedish Christmas (Julafton), and my Christmas shopping is completely finished! So now I can just look forward to spending time with my family, eating some of my favourite foods and seeing other people (hopefully) enjoying the presents I bought them. 
I have already opened some of my own presents from Immy and Sam (I was allowed to), and I couldn't be happier with what I got :)

Moreish hand cream, including argan oil, shea butter and papaya 

Ecoya coconut and elderflower candle

Clinique chubby stick in 'Super Strawberry' 

Rayban 'Erika' sunglasses

Luckily I will still have other presents to open on Julafton and I have been saving some money for the Boxing Day sales, which will be like a whole day of shopping for presents for myself ;)
I have also had a few days off from work recently, so I have met up with my friend Clare in Chatswood on Monday and with Alysha in Avalon yesterday. Alysha and I went to a cool organic cafe where I got the biggest chai latte I have ever seen and I bought some One Teaspoon shorts that I am super excited about. 
Today I picked up my parcel from Immy, went to the shops with my mum (where I tried on a dress that my mum bought for me for Christmas) and have just been relaxing before I get back in to work tomorrow. 
I might put on a Harry Potter movie and make some hot chocolate because a storm is coming in, so now is the perfect chance to get that cozy christmas feeling that I miss so much from Sweden. 


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