Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas feelings

My past few days have been spent working, seeing friends (I can now tick ordering, and attempting to eat, a 1 metre pizza off my bucket list), and spending time with Sam.
Summer has also finally arrived, but I am working for the next six days so my long awaited visits to the beach may have to wait. Summer arriving also means that December is here, and I can finally start watching christmas movies and playing christmas songs with no shame. I can now even proudly say that I am two people away from having my christmas shopping finished. New Year's resolutions haven't even started and I am already becoming more organised ;)
While I was getting some christmas presents online this morning I decided I would get some things for myself, so I am keenly awaiting a new bralette, eyeliner and Limecrime lipstick in the mail. The blender I was waiting on earlier arrived and I couldn't be happier! Homemade smoothies have never tasted so good.

I am waiting for a call at the moment so I might wrap some christmas presents in the meantime (can you tell that I'm in the christmas spirit?), then I am hoping to either go to the beach or visit Manly for a fika date with my mum. I am definitely trying to make the most of my last day off before a lot of working!


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