Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Australia's Next Masterchef? ;)

So a few things have changed since I last wrote a blog post. I got a job at the place my brother works at, I have arranged a Skype meeting for tomorrow with my co-supervisor for honours, which means that post-graduate is starting to feel more like a reality, and I have also developed a new-found interest in baking and cooking. Although I do blame the last "change" on the terrible weather and boredom I have been experiencing lately.

I have also started a 12-week exercise program, so I can feel confident with my body in summer and just generally feel fit and healthy. I will be posting monthly updates about progress with my actual body shape and my strength as well.
The idea of the program is to do 20 minute intense exercise circuits on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and then all of the other days I will be going for jogs or maybe doing some yoga classes or going to the gym to do cardio. I have my fingers crossed that I can stick to this because I am terrible at motivating myself when it comes to exercise.
Anyone got any good tips to get and stay motivated?


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