Thursday, October 22, 2015

Unpacking my life

I have had an absolutely hectic week since arriving back in Sydney. Although it does feel amazing to be able to do things without having to worry about study all the same time.
Today I went to IKEA with my mum and ended up spending $50 on random bits and bobs, and I have to shamefully admit that some of it was christmas stuff. I am seriously turning in to one of those people that starts putting out christmas decorations before halloween.

I have also helped out my family with a garage sale, been to a Kookai warehouse sale, visited Sam for two nights, spoken to Flick briefly on Skype and am spending the night with some friends tomorrow, and I still have shark diving and a halloween party to look forward to after that. Unfortunately I also have to start searching for jobs and doing some preliminary research for honours.

I just wanted to get started with blogging again now that I have some more time on my hands, but I will have some photos of the things I have bought recently up soon. I just need to unpack and get myself settled at home first. As much as I hate packing, I think unpacking is so much worse.

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