Sunday, November 8, 2015


It's interesting what some time alone can teach you about yourself. I have kind of been left to my own devices during the week while everyone I know is either at their full time job or at university. This had led me to discover that I actually hate being alone. I have been spending all my free days indoors, almost too scared to venture out, which sounds ridiculous now that I am writing this down. I am realising that I have spent a lot of the past few years distracting myself from spending time with, well, myself.
I remember that when I was younger and home alone, I had to turn the TV just so I could hear other people talking in the background. At university, I spent all my free time studying or talking to people because I couldn't bear the thought of just being alone in my own head.
I honestly admire people that can visit cafes or the movies by themselves, because there is something that seems freeing about that. So this brings me to the conclusion that I need to learn more about myself by actually putting myself out of my comfort zone and taking the steps leap to go on some adventures alone. After a quick google, I found some museums I would like to visit, some shops I would like to go to, and some walks I would like to do around Sydney. I am planning to start more locally and to then start doing things in the city that I have always been interested in doing or seeing.
I am also going to look up some projects that I can do at home when I am not in the mood to go anywhere. So far I have decided that I want to get back in to learning French and to improve my baking skills. I will keep you posted on my progress!

Typical of a psychology student to be doing a bit of self-reflection ;) Have a good week everyone.


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