Thursday, September 3, 2015


This video is a bit old as it was posted on YouTube last year, but it is still so relevant.
I am so sick of hearing people victim blaming, especially in cases you hear or read about in the media. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but reading the sick comments that some people write about victims of serious abuse, rape, murder, etc. angers me and makes me wonder whether this is due to a lack of understanding, or due to a complete absence of human compassion.

Either way, I think this video is a great way to educate people about the fact that it is not okay to blame a victim due to what they were wearing, how drunk they were, how much makeup they were wearing, or anything that relates to this. It is the offender that made the conscious decision to commit the crime, and that is where the blame and punishment needs to lie.
This is a topic of conversation that really needs more attention, and it all starts with us spreading and supporting these kinds of important and relevant messages.


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