Friday, July 3, 2015

Lazy Saturday

So I just finished watching the final season of Sex and the City and I am already trying to decide what series to move on to next. I have always been more of a series person than a movie person and I always get so involved in the current series I'm watching. I love having something to watch just to take my mind off things, to play in the background while I'm upset, something to sit and watch with friends, and something that takes me through a roller coaster of emotions with every new episode.
So, does anyone have any recommendations? My favourite series so far have probably been Gossip Girl, The IT crowd, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries and Sex and the City.

Apart from spending my life watching series, I attempted to dress as a gangster for the pub night this week ('Straight out of Comtpon' theme), have done as much study as I can with only one textbook (the others are still being sent over) and been procrastinating way more than necessary when it comes to getting some research work done, for a paid job I have, and looking in to honours topics.
I am also currently contemplating whether to attend the 80s prom event at college tonight, because as fun as it sounds, it costs $20 and is outside. The outside part wouldn't be a big deal if I were living anywhere else that isn't Armidale. I have also had a pretty rough week so lying in bed watching movies seems so much more appealing at the moment. But who knows..


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