Saturday, June 27, 2015

Goodbye Uni Holidays

Just some selfies from my uni holidays. 
I am so sad that my holidays are ending tomorrow and that I have to get back in to a routine for classes and study. But at the same time I am excited to be starting the final trimester of my undergraduate degree (!!!)
On Friday, Max and I started the journey up to Armidale and dropped Sam off in Gosford on the way. We had a really chilled night once we arrived and just had a few casual drinks, got Indian takeaway and watched a few movies. 
Yesterday was spent dropping Max off at the train station, doing some grocery shopping, sorting a few things out before classes start on Monday and having a few (or maybe more than a few..) drinks with my floor. 

On a complete different note, I was so happy to wake up to the changes regarding same sex marriage in the US :) It is seriously time for Australia to get on board as well.

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