Sunday, July 12, 2015

Society told me so

So I was watching some Buzzfeed videos on Youtube today and one about pubic hair popped up in the suggested videos. That kind of got me thinking about hair in general and how different the standards are for men and women. Then I remembered a video I watched a while ago from a Swedish youtuber that I am subscribed to (Clara Henry) where she confronted some comments she received about having hairy legs. She had posted a photo on twitter (maybe instagram?) completely unrelated to her legs but some people felt the need to point out that it was gross that her legs were unshaven. Where did these expectations about hair even come from?
For me personally, I do prefer to shave certain areas of my body. Not because it is expected of me but because I dislike the feeling of having hairy armpits, and I like having smooth legs during summer because it makes me feel more comfortable and confident in myself. However, during winter it's a whole different story. I think people need to get over the idea that girls need to shave simply because they are a girl. We need to accept the fact that being a certain gender does not automatically mean you have to follow a very specific rule book based on gender stereotypes.
What I do love is seeing popular Youtube channels like Buzzfeed and other social media platforms accepting the idea that whether you have no hair down there, or have a bush of hair, that it doesn't really make much of a difference. Who even knew there were so many different 'styles'?

I found this cool chart and couldn't help but share. Don't be afraid to get creative!

P.s. Thank you to all the strong women out there who have inspired me to be confident in myself as a woman and to do whatever the hell I want, despite what society says.

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