Sunday, June 14, 2015


Just because it has been so long since I properly introduced myself/gave a little rant on here, I thought I would let you in to some of my current thoughts. I am always interested in what makes people happy, what mades them angry, what they are passionate about and things that scare them. Just kind of what defines them, or what makes them, them. I feel like knowing this kind of stuff teaches you a lot about a person, so here's my own take on that I suppose.  

What makes me happy?
My family. These are the people that have seen every side of me and the people I can be my complete self around. I don't have to pretend, or put up any walls and I can be truly happy around them.
Love. The idea of love, being in love, feeling loved and having someone to love are all some of the most amazing feelings I know.
The ocean. Every time I come home, I notice the ocean straight away and can hear the sound of the waves crashing and straight away I just feel completely calm and relaxed.
Traveling. There is nothing that compares to being in a place I am unfamiliar with and just discovering cool places, experiencing new cultures, trying new food, and meeting new people. I just love that sense of discovery and adventure that comes with traveling.

What makes me angry?
Racism, homophobia, sexism and just the whole concept of inequality makes me angry. It makes me angry, and sad, that some people have to go through life with a disadvantage because they are a different colour, or because they were born with a disability, or because they love people of the same sex.
I just hate the whole idea of societal hierarchies and I hate that men have more of an advantage in some professions simply because of their sex. A man in the exact same job position as a woman with the same qualifications is still somehow entitled to better wages. How does that make sense?
I know things have improved dramatically, even since 50 years ago, but there is still such a long way to come. It's crazy to think that if every person from a first world country donated a dollar or two to help stop poverty, then poverty would probably be non-existent. It sounds so simple, yet making something like that happen would be almost impossible.
It also angers me that the colour 'nude' is associated with a tone closer to white. But what about black people? Why is society pushing the idea that the norm should be to have lighter skin?
This could turn in to a much bigger rant, so I might leave this for another day. I would be interested in doing a post about trusted organisations who are helping to fight these issues that people can get on board with. Or simple ways in which we can contribute in smaller ways to raise awareness.

What am I passionate about?
I am passionate about psychology. I want to be someone that can make a difference in other people's lives. I want to be someone that can help people who have not been able to help themselves.
Learning. I have always loved school and loved the idea that no matter how much I know, there is always something else out there still to learn. I feel like every single experience in my life, good or bad, has taught me so much.
Feminism. I love being a woman, and I don't believe that, just because of my gender, I should receive different treatment from a man.

What confuses me? And what scares me?
Life in general is pretty scary. It scares me that time is moving way too quickly and that I will miss out on something just because there was never enough time.
Death. When I say this I am referring more to other people dying than myself. I have had so many nightmares about people close to me dying and it makes me realise that one day people are there and the next they can just be gone. Just the whole concept of death and even life for that matter is just so beyond me.
Disappointing myself. I am scared of failure and because of this I put a ridiculous amount of pressure on myself at times, and miss out on things because I am working so hard to achieve to a level I am happy with (in this particular case I am talking about achieving academically). I also feel as if other people have certain expectations of me, and if I don't do as well as I expected then other people will be disappointed in me and think differently of me.

There is so much that I could add to all of these lists, but I thought something a bit briefer for now would be good. I kind of just wanted to put a bit more of myself out there and give a different side of myself. There is so much more to me than the outfits I am wearing, the clothes I like, what I got up to over the weekend, etc. So I want this blog to not only include those kind of things but to also be a true representation of me where I am comfortable voicing my thoughts on different issues too. I am definitely going to aim to spend a bit more time on this blog to shape it in to something I am really proud of and happy with. I know I have said that quite a few times but this time, but I'm feeling more inspired and passionate this time around.


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