Monday, June 15, 2015

I'm a Feminist??

Firstly, I just want to address what 'feminism' really means. This word has become somewhat taboo in today's society and is synonymous with "man-haters", women who don't shave their armpits, women who don't wear makeup, and rampant protesters. Although this may be true in some cases, this word encompasses so much more. Feminism is about wanting equal rights between both genders. This does not mean that women wish to become superior over men, but that they simply wish to be treated in the same way as men. It is also believed that only women can be feminists, but men too experience gender stereotyping and pressures. Feminism means for men that they don't have to be teased for not having big muscles, or that a little boy can play with a doll without being laughed at and ridiculed by peers. On a more serious note, men who become rape victims may feel uncomfortable talking about this experience and because of this suffer psychologically for many years. All because men are expected to 'be strong' and to not feel or show any emotions.
You may wonder why it is then called feminism? Well then I pose this question: why is our entire existence then called mankind?

Women who have been harassed in the workplace and then gone on to complain have been fired, women who were raped have been blamed because what they were wearing was 'too provoking', some women can no longer be outside alone without feeling scared, women around the world are not pursuing careers they really want to be in simply because it's a 'man's job', male sport dominates the TV screen while women's sport is barely given recognition, all because society tells us that this is how things should be. But why? Why is it that because we were born with ovaries, a uterus and a vagina, we should not be given the same opportunities as men? In my mind it just makes so little sense.
I just wanted to make this post to raise some awareness, to get people thinking, and because I believe that the current thinking around what it means to be a 'feminist' really needs to change. Personally, I don't hate men, I wear makeup, I shave my armpits, I haven't been involved in any extreme protests, and I love being a woman and feeling feminine, yet I still identify myself as a feminist. This is because I believe that I am entitled to live my life the way I choose and I will never accept that I am here for men's pleasure or to conform to society's beliefs about women. So if you can identify with any of this, then I hope that you too will start being passionate about feminism and proudly call yourself a feminist. We need more strong women in the world who are willing to stand up for themselves and fight for equality because despite already having come such a long way, there is still a lot more that needs to change.

Here are just a few links to keep you updated, teach you more, and provide you with some cool gear to show your support:

Website - News and updates about feminism

Youtube - Laci Green talking about feminism and Emma Watson's UN speech (Heforshe)

Facebook - Being Feminist Facebook page

Cool feminist apparel - T-shirts, tank tops, jumpers, bags, and posters

Twitter, Instagram and other social media platforms would have plenty more people/organisations anyone can follow, so be sure to search 'feminist' or 'feminism' on those too :)

- Emma xx

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