Monday, February 2, 2015


Source: Google, because I don't have any of my own photos of Armidale. Oops.

Today is my last day in Sydney and I have spent it reading over my brother's resume (awesome sister right here), going to lunch with my mum and my brother, and packing.
I spent the weekend with Sam going to IKEA, eating Sven's Swedish pizza, watching the soccer, going on a breakfast date, and just chilling. So I am definitely relaxed and ready to head back up to Armidale. Or as ready as I can be at least, because continuing my holiday definitely sounds more appealing.

For the rest of this week I have a committee camp, and then leadership training starts the week after. Everyone else will be back up at college on the 20th of February so I am probably most excited about that. Starting lectures is probably what I am least looking forward to. Also not having Sam around at college, that is definitely going to suck.
But I am trying to get myself in to the mind set that I have to make the most of this year because this is my last year of undergraduate study, as well as my last year at college.


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