Friday, February 27, 2015

Guess Who's Back, Back Again

It has definitely been a while since I posted anything on here. I just finished my first week of classes, but before that I was doing O-week, and even before that I was on a friendship and then a leadership camp. So I have been pretty busy, to put it simply.

Last weekend there were a few functions going on to celebrate all the Gerros (second years and above) arriving back at college. We had a toga party and a jungle party which were both really fun. The most exciting thing about last weekend though would have to be Sam coming up for a surprise visit. Distance really has made me appreciate this guy so much more. The only bad part was that the weekend went way too quickly! I also got sick the day after he left, so this week has been spent loading up on medicine and trying to recover.

There has just been so much happening. Once I get my head around all my classes and all the college events, I will try and post more regularly. Hopefully I can do one post per event instead of a long post about five different events all muddled together. But for now, here's a bit of a preview of the past few weeks in my life (apologies in advance for any blurred photos).

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