Monday, January 12, 2015

Bringing in 2015

Selfie, new shoes, best Thai dinner of my life with a mojito to wash it down, best Thai dessert of my life, and chilling in Sydney with my love. Just a quick update of the past week and a bit in my life.

So much has happened since I last blogged. New Years was spent with great company on the Central Coast. Then I stayed with Sam's grandparents in Young where I had some exceptionally delicious cherries, before heading to Illabo for Flick and Majella's 21st. Yet another night spent with great company. Since being back from my week away I have mostly been spending my time at work, but have also been getting back in to a gym routine as well as a study routine (Only 12 days until I am free from trimester 3!).
I was also feeling pretty lucky this Friday as I got a surprise visit from Sam on his way back home from Young. I left for Sydney after the 21st because of work but Sam went back and stayed with his grandparents a little longer. Anyway, he was only there for one night so we made the most of it by heading to the beach for an hour or two and then getting the ferry in to the city to have dinner with his sister and mum.

On Saturday, I had a short shift at work then went to a 21st. I stayed at Claire's that night then was picked up the next day for a trip in to the city which involved a cute cafe, amazing pizza, blueberry tea, and IKEA.
Now I have the next few days off work, meaning I will be spending my time getting my essay at least 2/3 done (hopefully). I also need to look in to booking a driving lesson as getting my Ps is long overdue.

Basically 2015 has had a very full-on but amazing start for me. Bring on the rest of the year :)


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