Saturday, October 25, 2014


The weekend is coming to a close but I can safely go in to next week feeling relaxed and happy.
On Friday night I finally made it to the Ivy for the first time, and despite the high drink prices, it is definitely a place I would go back to. We wandered over to Bar Century and Scary Canary as well so it ended up turning in to a little adventure, which I was more than happy to be on. I definitely miss this Sydney night life when I am up in Armidale.
On Saturday I spent the day with my parents at Kirribilli markets, the fish markets (where we had some amazing yum cha for lunch), and at a pub tucked away in the city somewhere. Saturday night was spent eating a four-course meal at Declan's house which was more than satisfying for my stomach.
Today, after an amazing breakfast in Wahroonga I went to H&M with my parents and got two new bras from there. I have actually ended up with quite a few new clothes and accessories this weekend so I will have to get around to doing some kind of 'photo haul' for the blog.

I was meant to be working on Saturday but my staff number has not come in yet. I will however be starting sometime this week which will give me something to do with my time.
Tomorrow I am going to start working on my trimester 3 unit during the day and at night I am going to skype Sam, which I am really excited for.. I am missing that boy so much.

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