Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I got a job :))
This means I will not be a poor uni student anymore.. at least for the extent of my summer holidays. But it's better than nothing! My first shift starts on Saturday, otherwise I haven't really been up to much since my last post on Tuesday. I have sorted out some academic mentor stuff for last year, been on a few walks with my mum, been watching more vampire diaries, getting stuff organised for my trimester 3 unit and chatting to Sam whenever he's awake/when I'm awake (time differences are seriously so annoying).
I am feeling very organised lately though, my to-do list is getting smaller and smaller at a fairly rapid rate, and I am already starting to plan what I am getting everyone for christmas as well as having my own Christmas wish list and New Year's resolutions in the making. If only I was this on top of things all the time..

Also, I am changing my blog URL to "emmylou" (if it's available). I just wanted something a bit shorter and that was easier for me to write out, so I will probably be changing that tomorrow!

Photos coming soon!

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