Monday, October 20, 2014

Update - 21.10.14

A bit late, but two photos from my day in Coffs with Flick last week

Semolina with caramelised nuts and poached pears. 'Fika' never disappoints.

I have finished exams, packed up my room at college and I am home!
I got back to Sydney on Saturday night, and I have never felt so glad to be on holidays. On Sunday I went to the beach with some people from college and got severely burnt (I am still bright red and radiating heat from the burn), but on the plus side I got to have lunch at 'Fika' with my mum and had a frozen yoghurt later on as a treat.
I skyped Sam later that night to hear about his trip to Dublin over the weekend. Still almost three months until I get to see him again though :( But just seeing him and being able to talk to him always makes makes my day.
Yesterday I cleaned out my wardrobe and settled in at home by packing away all my things. After lunch I went with my mum to the mall and bought some new thongs and posted a textbook that I sold a few days before while she was doing some grocery shopping.
My mum and I went to H&M this morning, as a store has opened in Sydney last week. I ended up getting a floppy hat for the summer (seeing as I seem to be so prone to getting burnt..), a cotton blouse, and a bikini.

What else?.. I got the results of my final essay for trimester 2 yesterday and I somehow managed to achieve 96%! So stoked, and this means I received an overall HD as the unit had no exam.
Trimester 3 starts on Monday next week, but I still have my trip to Tasmania with Claire to look forward to in November. I am also meant to be having breakfast with some friends tomorrow morning, and then on Friday I am going out to the Ivy and on Saturday night I am having dinner at a friends. I have also been applying for a few jobs since I have been home so I really hope something comes of that soon too.

I feel like I have so much more to talk about but I might hold off on that for now before this post turns in to a short-essay. Basically, I am just so happy and relieved to be on holidays and things are looking pretty good in the near future!

Also, sorry for the phone photos still. I found my old camera but I cannot seem to find the charger for it. So hopefully it turns up somewhere.

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