Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's been a while..

Exam preparation and organising things at college next year has taken a toll on my free time. As well as on my body, as I have had four nights of barely being able to sleep. I can definitely understand what exhaustion truly means now.
My first exam is at least over and I won't have to think about that until results come back. I have another exam on Thursday and then my final one is the following Friday. Lucky for me, I'm giving myself a little break between my exams and heading to Coffs for a day trip this Saturday.

After my exams are over then I am heading back to Sydney and there is so much I already have planned out. I honestly don't know how I would be getting through this exam period without so many things to look forward to.

But for now, a good night's sleep and a productive day of study tomorrow is all I can hope for.

P.s. I am thinking of changing my blog url in the near future as mine is a bit long, so look out for me mentioning what it is going to change to.
Also, I am going to dig out my old camera when I am back in Sydney and get a good editing program as I would love to improve the quality of the photos I post on here. I want to be able to look back through this blog one day and have some really great photos to admire.. possibly a New Year's resolution in the making here.

Hope everyone is having a splendid week, and I will be back in action as soon as I am in Sydney again.

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