Saturday, August 2, 2014

I survived intensives!

Some highlights from the past week..
  • I got my glasses the other day, so I am pretty excited to actually be able to see properly in lectures from now on (I only need to wear them in lectures and when night-time driving).
  • Spending time with Sam, which is always a highlight :)
  • Open Mic night where I got to listen to some cool live music performed by people from college, dress in double denim, and have some drinks to relax after a day of intensives.
  • Finishing my intensive school today. That kind of feeling of relief and freedom doesn't come around all that often!
I have decided to give myself the night off tonight and just relax because tomorrow I am going to be spending the whole day catching up on study. I am also going to make myself exercise tomorrow because I really need to just get outside and get some fresh air after spending the past two full days indoors.

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