Monday, August 4, 2014

Girls night

After my two full-day intensives, a girls night on Saturday night was exactly the kind of relaxation I needed. Five of us just went out and had a cocktail or two, then we headed to a pub for a few casual drinks after. And of course the night ended with me eating a kebab before we headed back to college.
On Sunday, despite not being hungover, I still managed to get no study done. After the busy week I had though, I think I really needed to just have some time off for myself. My brain just wasn't functioning which I could probably blame on the lack of sleep I had on Saturday night..

Sam is away on prac for the next two weeks, so I am just focusing on being on top of study and looking forward to the holidays. I am so excited to meet my friend's baby boy back home! Hurry up holidays please :)

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