Friday, July 25, 2014

Parents Weekend

My dad arrived in Armidale yesterday morning for Parents Weekend at college. He was only able to stay for one night as he had plans for today, but it was still so great to see him.
Once he arrived, we went and saw the college's annual musical directed by my awesome friend Jono, then during the intermission we grabbed lunch at the university restaurant, and after the musical was over we made a quick trip in to town. I got an eye test the other day and found out I needed glasses, so while we were in town I ordered some glasses and also picked up my ball dress that I took in to be altered about a week ago.
Once we were back at college, we just had a little meet and greet with the other parents then headed down to parents dinner. Everyone headed to the pub afterwards for a few drinks too which ended up being pretty fun.
I definitely feel like I have been non-stop busy for the past few days, so today I am just going to take it pretty slowly and hopefully work on some study. I might even manage to fit some Dance Moms in today too..

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