Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Silly Season

Silly season at college has come to an end but I really have had a great trimester of college so far. There have been so many functions on and it has been so good to just get away from study for a little while and get a bit loose with some amazing friends.

Apart from silly season, I have so many reasons to be happy right now:
One of my best friends had a baby the other day
I have been finding classes pretty interesting this trimester
I am pretty set on what I am going to do next year/where I will be
I have been able to hang out a lot with Sam recently which always makes me so ridiculously happy
My academic mentor position at college and being a tutor at uni have been going well
and my dad is coming up for Parent's dinner this Friday.

On the downside I am sick with a cold and might have to go in to the doctors too for a blood test to check if I have hyperthyroidism, which I am really hoping I don't have. Well all I can do for now is keep up with everything at college and uni and just hope for more good news.

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