Thursday, July 3, 2014


I am back in Armidale and my first week of uni for trimester 2 is over. Before I left Sydney I decided to cut my hair and get a front fringe, and I also managed to catch up with a few friends and went on a drive through a national park and saw some great views.
Since I got back to Armidale I have just been going to class and getting used to uni again, done some drinking for role reversal.. where I didn't exactly make it out to the pub, and today I went in to town to have a look around and get some lunch with Flick and her sister who is staying for a few nights. Tomorrow night is Blacklight (a college function) and Sunday we have some sports on. Until then I am going to try and get some study out of the way but also relax a bit because seeing as it is only the start of the trimester, I don't have too much to do.

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