Thursday, July 10, 2014

Big life choices

So uni is in full-swing again and everything already seems to be going by so quickly..
Time is not really my friend right now and the fact that I still have no idea what to do next year is starting to freak me out a bit.

I had a talk to Sam the other night and it made me realise that I really should start seriously thinking about my options. So I have at least narrowed where I will be next year down to three options, potentially two.
I can either go back to Sydney and live at home again. This however would mean taking a step back with the whole independence thing, that I would have to study by distance and that I would have to start a long-distance relationship with Sam.
Next, I can go for the position of senior academic mentor at college and stay in Armidale another year. This means lower college fees, staying with friends, a bigger room, and I would be on-campus. It would also mean another year of college, another year of not working or being completely independent, and it would also again mean a long-distance relationship.
The last thing I can do is move in with Sam in either Newcastle or Gosford. I would get to be with him then, I would be completely independent and be able to get a job, I would be close enough to Sydney to visit my friends and family a lot more often than I get to now. The downside here is that I would have to study by distance and I would feel a bit like I would be getting in the way if he wanted to move in with his guy friends.

Ok so I sort of have four options..
Because if Sam end up moving to Newcastle, my parents are thinking of moving there too in to the house they own. That means I could move in with them (I would live in a separate section of the house, so I could still be somewhat independent) and still be so much closer to Sam, if he moved in somewhere else in Newcastle with some friends. That also takes away the pressure of taking the huge step in our relationship of moving in together.

So you see, I have a lot to think about in terms of next year and time really is going so ridiculously fast. If only I could just have someone tell me what to do, just to take this huge weight off my shoulders. I honestly suck at making decisions more than anything else, even more than I suck at sports (and that is saying something). Although I guess there is only one way to improve at the things you suck at, and that's to get out there and work on it.
Some guidance to start off with would still be helpful though.. anyone?

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