Thursday, May 1, 2014


I have now finished two out of four essays and number three is a discussion away from being done too!
This week has consisted almost entirely of uni work and college stuff, like fashion parade organising and academic mentor duties. I also managed to fit a sneaky pub night in last night.
Over the weekend I am hoping to get a chunk of work out of the way because next week is going to be the busiest week of the term so far. I have a lot due and have to do so much for fashion parade. I am glad I signed up to help though, as it is a charity event which does make doing it all just that little bit easier.
Tomorrow it is open day at college and I have to be around for a while talking to anyone that comes in to let them know what the academic mentors do.

For now, relaxing and watching a TV show sounds like exactly what I need before the hectic weekend of study and assignment work I have ahead.

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