Friday, May 9, 2014

I'm gonna live like tomorrow doesn't exist

Loving this song so much right now. I also found out that the girl in the music video was from a TV show called Dance Moms that I decided to check out. It's so bad but so addictive at the same time, if that even works..

Today I walked 15km for a charity event and despite being pretty exhausted I am feeling really proud of myself and refreshed at the same time. The sausage sizzle I had after was exactly what my stomach needed, and the shower I had was even more amazing. Definitely all worth it.
I have been trying to work on my statistics essay this weekend and all I have left is the discussion, which happens to be my least favourite part of an essay. I really want to just power through it so that I can finally start studying for exams. I also have an oral presentation to get out of the way but I think I might leave that one until tomorrow.. I really need to learn to just take it easy sometimes.
Anyway, happy weekend everyone!

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