Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where have you been?

The trimester is fully underway and I have been occupied with academic mentor duties, choir practices, chapter summaries and various other forms of studying, lectures, trips in to town, formal dinners and various other things. My weekend has finally started and I have a lot of study to do, a trip in to town planned after lunch and an event tomorrow night. When will it end?!
I am glad to be occupied though and as long as I stay on top of my study then I think my stress levels will remain pretty intact.
Apart from life at uni and college, I got an early 21st present from Claire in the mail the other day and she got me tickets to go and see Bastille in June. So ridiculously excited!!
So I am definitely at a point where I am falling in to a good routine and where so many things are looking pretty positive. Love it when life is in your favour :)

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