Wednesday, February 19, 2014


O-week is nearing its end and I am super exhausted. Most days I have been helping students with various academic things, like taking them to introductory lectures, holding a study session, etc.
Last night was trivia and the academic mentors got to dress up as nerds and have a few drinks which was pretty fun.
Tonight I am just planning on skyping my parents, hanging with Sam and hopefully having an early night. Mostly because everyone arrives at college tomorrow, which means toga and bush dance functions are going to be happening (= late nights and plenty of alcohol).
Trimiester 3 results were posted today and I got a high distinction which has made me extremely happy. Lectures start on Monday so I have been spending a lot of my free time getting ahead and doing some chapter summaries. A bit nerdy of me but I am super excited for all of my units this trimester as they are all psych units :)

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