Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello April

Feeling pretty good about today.
I downloaded an app on my phone that acts as a gratitude/happiness journal that I can put pictures in and write as much as I like. My resolution is already in action!
I had two lectures today and I also managed to finish typing notes for a chapter summary and did an online practice quiz. I ended up doing better than I expected in it too, so some stress for that quiz has been relieved.
I also got Microsoft Office and access to Wi-Fi on my new computer yesterday/today, which I have been longing for since I got the computer.
I still have choir practice tonight, Tues2study and some assignment work and online quiz study to finish but I am feeling pretty on top of stuff right now. Really hoping this will last.

This week is the last week of class before the mid-trimester break as well, meaning that I will be in Sydney really soon. I am so excited to see my friends and family and of course for both my 21st birthday and party.
I am missing Sam though, but I know the time until I get to see him again will go really quickly :)

Good moods just make everything seem so great.

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