Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Arts dinner and train rides

We had Arts Dinner last night and my floor's theme was the movie 300. Despite not having seen the movie I still had a lot of fun dressing as a Spartan and having fake abs painted on my stomach.
Today I had my last for the week and before I go on holidays. Since getting back to college I have been sorting out what I need to take and finished packing. The only thing I can't seem to find is my home keys :(

Yesterday I completed an online quiz and felt so ridiculously relieved to have that out of the way once I was done. I still have a quiz to do for BMod and four assignments to get out of the way during the holidays, but at least having something done is making me feel pretty positive.
I am meant to be going out to dinner tonight with Flick and Jono which I am looking forward to as it seems I have been too busy lately to hang out with anyone much.

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