Friday, January 3, 2014

Fireworks and an upcoming trip

Some crappy phone photos from New Year's Eve but it's the best I had!
New Years was pretty fun though, because it was just good to spend time with my friends in Sydney.

2014 has already been pretty good.
I went for a swim this morning then worked for six hours and picked up a few things from work. It was so cheap too with the $25 gift voucher work gave me, paired with my employee discount. I just got some stuff for uni/college, which is making me incredibly excited to go back and sort out my room and just get organised up at uni.

On Sunday morning (and by morning I mean 4am) my family is leaving for our holiday up near Byron. I am beyond excited and have pretty much finished packing. I have literally been waiting for this holiday for so long!
I will make sure to get some photos while I'm up there and hopefully the last thing I ordered online will arrive while I'm away so I can get photos of that stuff when I get back.

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