Tuesday, April 23, 2013

High on life

The weather has been amazing the past few days and I've been stuck inside doing my assignments. The good news is that I finished one, I'm well on my way with the second and I only have two readings left for the final one.
I'm in one of those bliss moods where it feels like things are actually happening and that I could conquer whatever I put my mind to. I'm also going back to college really soon so good things are on their way!
I might be seeing Tyler later on this afternoon and a few more friends on Thursday night for dinner and at Mona, if I dare go there now that I'm 20. A surf with my cousins, dad, brother, Joyce and my uncle might also be happening on Friday morning. Saturday morning is the day and I leave and a breakfast with the parents has been suggested before I leave, so we'll see if that ends up happening.

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