Monday, April 22, 2013


Claire and I's party on Friday was such a good night! We started off with pres at Claire's then got a bus in to the city and went to Bar Century for some cheap drinks. Tiff and I ended up getting kicked out of there though (we weren't even that drunk so it was stupid) so we had to head off to Chinese Laundry a bit earlier. After a while of trying to find the place, we finally got there and Claire and I got free entry because it was our party. Score! I can't say I remember too much of Chinese Laundry but I know I had a great time there. We got the bus back at maybe 1-ish and I made some random friends on the trip back in my drunken state. Never a bad night when that happens. The next day I said goodbye to my college friends as they all went their own way, then I got a lift back home and pretty much just crashed.

On Sunday, I went in to the city to meet up with my family and watch the soccer game at a pub. We all went out for dinner afterwards, before I went home with my cousins and uncle and stayed the night at theirs. I met up with Frida (Former IB-student) in Bondi yesterday morning and we did the Bondi to Coogee walk, had some lunch, then did the walk back. My muscles are pretty sore today after 3+ hours of walking yesterday..
Today I have to focus on my assessment and assignments, which sucks because I had a few opportunities to do something today and the weather is so nice outside. Hopefully if I work hard all morning then by the afternoon I'll be able to go for a walk or swim or do something more fun than sitting in front of a computer typing.
4 days until I go back to college! Just a bit excited to see everyone again :)  

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