Friday, April 26, 2013

Why today has been so amazing..

  • I saw Claire and Alysha today
  • A parcel is waiting for me at uni 
  • I got an assessment mark back and I recieved 90% (I also got 100% in the previous one!!)
  • I'm leaving for college tomorrow
  • I had my last boost today before I go back to Armidale (yep, they have no boost there and I just want to cry)
  • I have a job opportunity in Armidale that I found out about today
  • My mum and dad bought me the most amazing formal dress (as a surprise this evening) that I tried on about a week or two ago and thought I'd never see again
  • I'm close to having 2/3 assessments finished
  • I bought a new top, a donut hair tie thing and some makeup today
  • and 49 days until Derya comes!!!
This week I have been spending a lot of time doing one particular essay that seems to be a bit never-ending. Otherwise I have been to the beach on Thursday morning with Frida before she left, had dinner with some friends, been to Mona (never again, was way too sober), stayed at Claire's, met Alysha at the mall today and done more essay writing.
Tomorrow I have to get up early(ish) to get ready for the eight hour train ride back to Armidale, then I'll be back by around 6pm to unpack and hopefully finish off at least the draft of my PSYC101 esaay. 

Note to self: Start snacking less at college and do more exercise because these holidays have really taken a toll on my body, so I am in desperate need of getting fit.

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