Sunday, April 14, 2013

Early presents and Swedish lollies

So the photo quality isn't the best but here's what I got from my parents yesterday (the bag) and today (everything else). We went to a market near the airport this morning, where I got the dresses and skirt from my parents, then we went to IKEA where I had lunch and we got lollies from, then headed through Newtown on the way back where my mum got me the poncho for winter in Armidale. One of the dresses  (the gold, sequin one) was also bought from Brittany from Farmer Wants a Wife, which was so random seeing her at the market. The top is just a hand me down from my mum, but I'm still really happy with it. No complaints when i get a whole bunch of new clothes that I didn't have to pay for :)

My birthday is in two days and my party is in five, so I'm really excited for the coming week!

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