Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hogsbreath and The Impossible

Had a bit of a spontaeous girls night out last night with Oak and Alysha. I went over to Oak's in the afternoon and saw the ending of Life of Pi, then Alysha came along a little later. We decided to go out to Hogsbreath for dinner (I got a hamburger and a moctail called 3 little pigs..yum!) then watched The Impossible at the movies (watch it, it's really good) afterwards. We also stopped on my lift back home for a quick look at the swell, which has just been massive lately.

Today, I really have to finish filling out my Centrelink stuff, enrol in units and work out what books I need to order for my units. A trip to IKEA is also in order soon because I'm going to need a few things before I move out (19 DAYS!!!). I also need to fill out some forms for my course and pay whatever fees I need to for accomodation, although those I can do later. Shit is starting to get serious.

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