Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bar Century/Cheers

Managed to get a fair few photos from last night, unfortunately most of them being selfies (a new obsession that needs to be contained), when I went out with Max, Joyce and Aj.
We all headed in to the city and started off at Bar Century, where we met my cousin later on and also a group of people I knew. The plan was to head over to Hot Damn afterwards but we stayed in the same place for ages then just moved across the road to Cheers. I also met up with another friend towards the end of the night while Max, Joyce and Aj grabbed something to eat.
Had such a good night because I have only been out with my brother and Joyce twice and never with my cousin, plus I hadn't been to the city in ages, got really drunk and only spent $2.20 the whole night (because of the amazing people I know that shouted me drinks).

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