Thursday, January 31, 2013

Moving forward

The jumpsuit I bought on Monday :) - Mika & Gala, $30.

So I finished my online application for Centrelink, now to just see if it's accepted.
I also finally decided on all my units for this year:
Trimester 1- Intro to Psych 1, human biology I, media & communication and current topics in psychology (meditation etc).
Trimester 2- Intro to psych 2, judgement and decision making, human biology II and introduction to legal systems and methods.

I still have stuff to get done but I feel at least like I'm moving in the right direction now.
Otherwise, I decided that instead of showing you the things I've bought and intend on buying for my uni room bit by bit, I'll get some pictures of my room once I move there and have everything set up. Woop room tour!
I actually recieved an acceptance in to my second choice of accomodation at UNE yesterday, so things are finally happening. About two more weeks and this will all become a reality..scary yet exciting.
I headed down to IKEA yesterday with mum and picked up a clothes rack, coat hangers, food containers and a bed throw. All I have left to get is some lanterns from Typo that I've had my eye on for a while and maybe some new bed sheets to fit in with my new room.

I also tried to upload the videos I took from the First Aid Kit concert but I wasn't able to, then I tried uploading them on youtube and that didn't work either. Sorry :(

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