Friday, January 11, 2013

Foam party

After work, it felt pretty good to be able to catch up with some friends and jump in some foam to sort of welcome in the coming weekend. Pretty terrible photo of me (rocking the drowned rat look after getting foam in my hair and all over me) but I took no photos that night, so one from the Mona photos will do.
Yesterday I also bought myself a pair of vans (finally!), a tshirt and some bracelets. My shopping habits are atrocious now that I'm making money, but thank god I've started putting some away so I can actually save.
Today I just came home from Alysha's and spent my day eating (ie devouring all the junk food I could get my hands on) and watching 90210.
On Sunday I'm meeting a few friends for lunch to celebrate Sarah getting a job and Chantelle moving back to the Northern Beaches. But the next two days are probably going to be spent trying to rest up because this sore throat and cough aren't getting any better when I've barely sat down for the past week.

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