Wednesday, January 9, 2013


For the past 3 days, I've been working and have yet another shift tomorrow. Life hasn't exactly been too exciting this week, but seeing as I'm starting to seriously think about moving out, making money is exactly what I need to be doing.
This morning, I did two and a half hours of driving with dad so I am soon on my way to 50 hours. Yet another New Year's resolution I'm working my way towards.

Yesterday it was around 43 degrees in Sydney and vacuum cleaning at work was ridiculously painful. I Finished the day off with a swim at Curl Curl rock pool and some ice cream from Dee why (two scoops; one coconut and one ferrero rocher) which was amazing. Today it was cooler, thankfully, so working was actually bearable.
Tomorrow after work I'm heading down to Mona for a foam party then Friday and the weekend I'm hoping to spend down at the beach.
January is being pretty good to me so far I must say.

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