Monday, January 14, 2013


My weekend was spent going to the mall with my brother and mum, watching a movie at mine with Mark, having lunch with Alysha, Sarah and Chantelle at the Arms and seeing Chantelle's new place.
Yesterday I went for a "jog" (attmepted to at least) on the beach, a swim afterwards then to the mall with a friend. Pretty good day to be honest, especially because it all just happened spontaneously.

Today I'm heading in to the city to meet up with a Conitki friend for a few hours, then I'm going to the movies to see Hitchcock (if that is the actual name?) with a few people.
Looking for a second job is becoming a big priority in my life, but it seems every day I plan to sit down and work on that happening, something always comes up. By the end of this week I need to have applied at least somewhere. Come on Emma!
Otherwise, I'm just waiting to find out which universities I've been accepted in to (find out tomorrow, stoked!) and getting ready to go camping on Friday for the weekend with the family.

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