Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Wock Bar

So I'm finally starting to take more photos when I go places, shame it's all on my phone still.
Went to go see my nan with my mum and dad today becauase she's been sick and we wanted to see how she was doing. She's getting better but still not too great. Afterwards, the parentals and I went out for lunch at Wock Bar in Manly where I had curry puffs, pork buns and some pad thai that was all shared with dad. Also can't beat the free fortune cookie we got when we paid. (Excuse my greasy hair, regrowth and lack of makeup..having one of those can't be fucked to try look nice days).

I was working in Manly yesterday and during my lunch break I found a dress for the party on Friday (finally!). The girl working at the shop I got the dress from was from Sundsvall in Sweden and we talked for ages about northern Sweden, Australia, Snus and other random things. Was great to be able to speak swedish, which I haven't been doing too much of lately. I also got some of my lunch stolen from a seagull which I am still holding a grudge against it for. Pretty interesting work day all in all.
Rest of the week is an rsa course with my brother tomorrow and a bit of shopping afterwards, then meeting up with Sarah at the mall on Friday. Of course there's the party on Friday night which I have been looking forward to for way too long. Get ready to see my shitty costume idea up here soon :)

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