Friday, November 30, 2012

if I wasn't me I would be a unicorn..?

So there are plenty more photos on a number of different people's phones from last night, but these photos will do for now.
The party I have been waiting to go to for ages was themed "if I wasn't me I would be.." and all my un-creative brain could come up with was a unicorn (pretty much just an excuse to buy a new white dress). I made the horn myself but only wore it for about 5 minutes (hence the lack of a unicorn horn in most photos) last night because it just shed glitter on everyone and everything. It was great seeing a few faces I hadn't seen in years and catching up with friends I haven't seen enough of yet. It also doesn't get better than having a drunken spoon train on Alysha's trampoline.
Today I worked for 4 hours, slightly hungover and without air con at work. Feels good to relax now though. Tomorrow I have work again and maybe a trip to the beach is in order when I finish if the weather stays as warm as it's been today.

I'll try get some more photos up of last night once I get them off of people. Also have a few extra photos from other nights that I haven't put up yet. Seems like it's time for a bit of a left-over-photos-photo-bomb soon.

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