Saturday, November 10, 2012

life's good

Just some better pictures of my new skirt while I'm wearing it. Completely in love with this skirt at the moment, as well as anything Minkpink for that matter. Bought Minkpink shorts the other day (I'll show them later) as well, so this obsession is seriously getting a bit crazy.

I did end up going out on Thursday and had the most amazing night. I was covered in foam, soaking wet, pretty drunk and incredibly happy. Seriously can't beat that.
Yesterday I went to visit my nan with my family (I got to drive there..done about 34-35 hours now!!) and this morning I went for a surf with my brother and dad. Sorry for lack of photos but I seriously suck at remembering to take photos everywhere I go.
Such a great week, such great weather and more plans to look forward to. Everything may not be exactly as I would like, but I'm still managing to stay pretty damn happy and positive.    

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