Monday, November 12, 2012


Sorry for all the lame photobooth pictures of me lately but I have seriously been SUCKING at taking photos of everything else. Hopefully I'll get my shit together soon and start taking more photos so I can show a bit more of my life as opposed to just me.

On Sunday I didn't do much expect chilled with a friend around the beach. Yesterday I spent the day with Alysha at the mall where we had some lunch and went to see the Bachelorette at Hoyts, which was just weird..not really sure what to think of it still. Afterwards we headed to the square for a while then ended up at Curl Curl beach for an evening walk/jog along the sand.
Today I worked at the square for 4 hours and also bought two new bras and a loungewear top (wearing the top in the photo) from Cotton on Body.
The rest of the week I haven't got much planned except for Avalon market and Manly on Saturday.

Also spending a lot of my time thinking about a costume to wear for Alysha and Adele's 19th where the theme is going to be "If I wasn't me I'd be..". Ridiculously good yet difficult theme. At the moment I've come only up with a superhero and Kurt Cobain. My lack of creativity is pretty sad but we'll see what my mind comes up with after a few more days.

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