Saturday, September 22, 2012

knitted sweaters

Wardrobe essential: A comfy knitted sweater. Have absolutely fallen in love with this sweater all over again and can't stop wearing it with black jeans, leggings and on the occasional warm but windy day with denim shorts and converse. I found this in a pile of clothes my aunty was handing down to my mum and couldn't resist grabbing it and moving it over to my closet. Don't have one? Seriously invest in one because they look good with so many different outfits and keep you incredibly warm on cold days. Just saying.

Last night I had a movie/pizza/junk-food girls night in type thing with a few friends at mine. Despite my post yesterday, I forgot to take pictures so an explanation will have to do for this time. It was going to be more of a pre-drinking then going out night but staying in felt just as good, if not better. Chantelle (a friend over here in Aus) is moving next week and I'll be in Queensland right before she leaves, so I decided to invite some friends over so I could have a kind of goodbye thing for her. Hate it when people I have so much fun with go away..but it was such a great way to spend some time with her before she heads off.
Today I'm chilling with my brother and his girlfriend and tomorrow I'm heading to the mall to meet Sarah and maybe Chantelle for some quick shopping. Have a few plans for the rest of the week too but I'll talk about them later.

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