Monday, September 3, 2012

home is wherever I'm with you

A little sneak peak of my apartment here in Aus (photos coutesy of my mother)..

 Just took some photos of clothes I'm wanting to get rid of, to make room for more of course, that I'm hoping to put up on ebay later today (will post a link later in case anyone is interested). Also started my healthy eating plan today, after all the crap I shoved in to my mouth yesterday. I started the day off with a vitamin drink and a berry smoothie then ate a vegetable curry with vegetarian sausages for lunch and had an avocado and salad sandwich as a snack this afternoon, all home-made.  
I'm off now to sit in the sun, occasionaly glance at the ocean, and read a book I'm borrowing from a friend that I have high hopes for.    

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