Wednesday, September 5, 2012

morning routine

I'm always interested in hearing and reading about people's different daily routines, so I thought it was about time I shared my morning routine.
There's the obvious brushing my teeth and of course showering, in which time I wash my hair (every second day), wash my body with a shower loofer and coconut bodywash, shave (occasionally), clean my belly button piercing and cleanse my face with a face wash.
Hair. The days I do wash my hair, I have a bit of a routine worked out after I am out of the shower, that I've recently discovered and found to work really well for my hair.
First I'll towel dry it then brush it, before I spray heat spray all over my hair (middle bottle in the picture above).
Then I grab a hairdryer and flip my head down and dry it that way as much as I can. I then flip my head back up and dry the rest until all my hair is at least damp and almost fully dried.
I brush my hair again then put a small amount of anti-frizz + conditioning milk (bottle to the right) in to my fingertips, rub my fingers together then run them through my hair to take away the frizz created from the blowdryer.
Some days I'll straighten my hair a little bit, or fully (if I do this, I wait for my hair to be completely dry after blowdrying it) and other days I leave it as it is. Regardless of what I do after putting the Aussie anti-frizz product in to my hair, the last step is always the same; Finally, I spray a small amount of hairspray (bottle on the left) in to my roots and lift my hair up with my fingers at my roots to create volume. Voila! Nice hair in only a few minutes (sounds more complicated than it is I promise).
Tips: Sometimes if I do straighten my hair, I will apply another very small amount of the Aussie product, to the bottom half of my hair, afterwards just to make my hair extra smooth and shiny.   

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