Saturday, September 1, 2012

high tea

Yesterday we celebrated my brothers 21st with the family over here. His actual birtthday is tomorrow but he'll be at uni then so we decided to celebrate properly on the weekend. He is completely obsessed with tea at the moment, so we went to a high tea place where we drank a hell of a lot of tea of our choice (I opted for some chai) and ate some really good treats.
Today is Fathers day in the land down under and myself, my brother and his girlfriend woke up early to make him some breakfast in bed and to give him his present (an 8 pack of one of his favourite brands of beer) along with a cheesy home made card. Plans for later on aren't completely decided yet, but it's leaning towards the city, the fish markets and me going for a drive. Might also try fix up my roots if I find a place that looks decent.
Catch you later whoever you are reading this and have a good Sunday.

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